We design spaces that enable people and companies to
be the best they can be.

Espa Galleria, Shopping center, Helsinki
Espa Galleria, Shopping center, Helsinki


Our design solutions nurture a creative state of mind that invites flow – the condition in which we are the very best we can be.


A brand is a powerful tool. Our ambition is to seek out the solutions that strengthen your brand and how it is experienced by your customers and employees.

Hotel “Helsinki”, Helsinki
Koti Helsinki, Hotel apartments, Helsinki
Koti Helsinki, Hotel apartments, Helsinki


weaken or validate the brand, for both the customers and the employees. We seek to strengthen both of those experiences.


“Culture lives within the walls.”

We understand that your company’s culture is the core of everything that you do. We have the tools to design spaces that reflect your culture and help it flourish.

AS&H, Office, Helsinki
Koti Helsinki, Hotel apartments, Helsinki

Added values

Our strength is to capture your brand experience and implement it into your surroundings.

To help you envision this we use the latest technology, such as BIM-models, 3D-visualisations and virtual reality applications.

We as a core team

WeBrandSpaces is a multidisciplinary design agency founded in 2018, whose business idea is based on cooperation between different fields and the comprehensive implementation of expertise. Our mission is to create experiential concepts that tell meaningful stories and provide positive experiences for both customers and the end user.

Heidi Horto

Interior architect SIO and founder

Heidi has a passion to create concepts that have a good story and engaging experiences. She has a fresh and customer-centered approach. Her strengths are thinking outside of the box, good design sense, passion for lighting design, innovation, and new products.

15 yrs experience in interior architecture and furniture design
7 yrs experience in lighting design
50+ domestic clients
10 yrs as entrepreneur

Designing with BIM-model (Archicad), workplace and hospitality expert, service design, lighting design, storytelling


  • Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, concept design renewal (with Kuudes Helsinki)
  • Shopping center Kämp (now Espa Galleria), lighting design installation (with Architects Soini & Horto)
  • Hotel Grand Hansa, first concept (with Architects Soini & Horto)
  • Koti Helsinki, concept for an apartment hotel
  • Design by Lauri, TV production, concept and interior design for summer houses
  • Office of Economic Affairs and Employment, Workspace development concept and interior design (with Workspace)


  • Vuoden Huiput 2011, Kultahuippu, (with Kuudes Helsinki)
    Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, concept design renewal

Sami Horto

Creative director and board member

Experienced architect in multiple big and small-scale projects. Has a business-oriented point of view in design. Entrepreneur of the second generation. Leader in several companies since 1993.

35+ yrs as an entrepreneur
25+ yrs experience in architectural companies, project management, and principal design
15+ yrs in a leading position in large architectural companies
10+ yrs experience in concept design, marketing, and competitions
10+ time winner of architectural competitions
100+ domestic and international clients
50+ hotel concepts, 10+ completed or under construction

Leadership, new business ideas, fresh design, hotel design expertise,
storytelling of concepts, strategic thinking, team player, property development


  • Shopping Center Kämp, commercial concept and realisation
  • Hotel Indigo Boulevard, concept and realisation
  • Hotel Scandic Railway Station, concept
  • Hotel Grand Hansa, concept and realisation
  • Keilaniemenportti, highest wooden office in the world, concept and realisation
    + several more
    Pasila Tripla, competition 1st prize and realisation
  • Hotel Hila, Helsinki, competition 1st prize
  • Lapinlahti area, competition 1st prize
  • Lappeenranta Theater site, competition 1st prize and realisation
  • AS & H Great Place To Work 2017, 12th in mid-sized companies

Pia Ketola

Interior architect

Young but experienced. She is enthusiastic about new design and has passion to create concepts and stories. Pia is especially interested in technical drawings and detailed designs.


3.5 yrs experience in interior architecture design
2 yrs experience in large-scale projects

Expert in BIM-modeling (Archicad), workplace, hotel and shopping center design, team player.


  • Mall of Tripla, interior design and technical drawings (with Architects Soini & Horto)
  • Hotel Torni, BIM-modeling and technical drawings (with Architects Soini & Horto)
  • VR, workplace design and fixture drawings (with Workplace)
  • Finnair, workplace design and fixture drawings (with Workplace)

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